I have a long career in digital working for leading brands and agencies in London & Melbourne. I’ve worn many hats: as a graphic designer, motion designer, art director and visual designer. I added UX to my toolkit early 2016 through a foundation course at General Assembly and became a natural 'T' shaped UX designer. It has ignited in me a curiosity for human behaviour, psychology and how research and user insights can affect the products I work on; to put the human at the centre of everything I do.

3 things that get me out of bed:

1)  Discovering unmet user needs

2) Simplifying the complex

3) (Healthy) battles with developers

My Principles:

Be Humble: Because I am not the user. Embrace Uncertainty: Project constraints define the information available to you, but progress you must. Unknowns will crop up along the way, but progress you must. Work Lean: Do high value work with the least effort. Collaborate more, document less. Ever Curious:
Ask 'Why?'. Be inquisitive. Challenge the status quo. Never stop learning.
These principles are called 'B.E.W.E'