Raising awareness of opioid addiction in prescription painkillers

Raising awareness of
opioid addiction in
prescription painkillers
Client: Showpony Advertising / Responsive Website


Over the course of a year, 20% of Australians over 45 years will be 
prescribed at least one opioid if they have acute or chronic pain. Alot of people become dependant and struggle for help. Return To Work South Australia (RTWSA) wanted to raise awareness of this issue.


Showpony was hired by (RTWSA)  to create a hard hitting campaign to raise awareness of opioid dependancy, with collaterol all pointing to a website.

People who aren't sure if they are dependant can visit the site and get information on their medicine to see if it contained opioids. Friends and family can get help with support and knowledge of opioid addiction and know what symptoms to look out for in their loved ones.

What I did

I developed the complete ux for the website in a little over a month for launch. To mitigate any risks to delivery I kept in tight communication with the client (the SMEs) and my team capturing feedback, ramping up fidelity of the design at every check in.  

Since there wasn't a budget for testing prior to the product launch, I created a test document to help inform analytics and future lab testing.
Tasks & Responsibilites

• Stakeholder Workshop
• Visual Design

• User Flows

• Content Architecture

• Wireframing


Showpony expressed how much they valued having a ux designer in their team, to show them an iterative and collaborative design approach, which was new to their ways of working. My contribution set them up for a successful product launch and a happy client.