Visualising flooring in your home

Visualising flooring in
your home
Client: Kingfisher Digital  / Web App


Kingfisher own B&Q a chain of diy stores across the UK. Customer research on showed many customers were overwhelmed with choice of flooring, finding it difficult to compare flooring right for their needs. If people found one they liked, many purchase decisions were held off until they had viewed the flooring in store.


Kingfisher created a flooring visualiser to help customers visualise flooring in a space similar to their own. They could quickly scan  and compare products and order samples to their home.

What I did

With a prototype already made my role was to  develop it further into a shippable MVP. I worked in collaboration with the design lead to take the mvp through two rounds of testing, one in store with real customers.
Tasks & Responsibilites

• Showcasing To Leadership
• Usability Testing

• User Flows
• Wireframing

• Contextual Enquiry

• Prototyping


The quick range visualiser launched on in early 2018.