Creating a new income protection product for Suncorp

Client: TAL / Responsive Site


TAL acquired Suncorp's Life Portfolio of insurance products in 2019. They needed to create an income protection insurance product suited to their customers as well as Suncorp's. With the product yet to be defined hard launch was in 6 months across all customer touchpoints, for both the Suncorp and AAMI brand.

Customer research by Suncorp also showed a bundled income protection product  with different levels of benefits would give customers more choice. Since the research was not done as part of an online journey but through focus groups,  the second challenge the team faced was where the bundles might fit.

“TAL needed to develop a new I.P product that would not only better meet the needs of Suncorp’s customers, but also align with their customer segmentation and brands.”


As part of an agile team, to help build out the MVP product experience for hard launch in 6 months. I also developed the strategy for the future state product experience utilising recent customer research.



TAL’s current I.P product white labelled under the brand ‘Insurance Line’ was enhanced and duplicated to launch in the Suncorp brand. I began with an end to end analysis of the quote funnel of the Insurance Line product so I could understand how we'd need to update it for the new IP product we were building for Suncorp.

It was decided we would be using Suncorp's new quote funnel for the income protection product we would be white labelling. The new quote funnel was already live with Suncorp's motor insurance product. Suncorp also provided us their developer stylekit to aid implementation.


I broke down the sections to wireframe in to 5 stages: ‘Eligibility’, ‘Quick Quote’, ‘Underwriting, Review Application’, Confirm & Pay. I shared this with developers and our client for feedback through Axure cloud.

Future State


Qualitative research showed that customers would feel more in control of their income protection if there was a selection of packages to choose from, which they could tailor to their needs. However, these 'packages' were not tested  in an online journey. So understanding where these packages might fit in the mvp quote journey was my goal.

My hypothesis was customers would need to see a price on the packages of IP products in order to make a choice. So I began by sketching through various flows to get a better visibility of the options available.

The next stage was to ramp up fidelity of a few key screens, get them on the whiteboard wall and join up the user journeys for the routes chosen. I then critiqued these with my design lead to get alignment and agree on which route to take through to a prototype for testing.

We decided on a route on showing the packages up front first without a price, then after they'd answered a few questions about their income, generate a price for each package and get them to choose which one to proceed with.


Testing took place over two days with 6 participants (recruited through Fallon Research)who had income protection already, or who had researched before. We began with brief chat about their background and needs, then asked them to go through the quote journey prototype.


We learned that people choose income protection for just one or two key features that would benefit them in their current life stage. If one product has the benefit they are looking for then price isn’t the primary factor driving their choice. Based on this insight I recommended allowing customers to choose their desired package from up front.

“I’d still go for ‘Income Protection Plus' even without seeing a price, because I need ‘family care assistance benefit”
- Kojo

Once the testing synthesis was done I consolidated all the insights in to a report along with work on Suncorp's website to understand where the packages might fit.