Full Case Study:
Calculating the right amount of flooring for your home

Client: Kingfisher Digital  / Widget


Kingfisher own B&Q a chain of diy stores across the UK.  Their data analytics on the  diy.com website showed there was a high repeat purchase of single laminate wood flooring packs. The assumption was people were miscalculating how much flooring they needed for their room.

How could Kingfisher help people calculate the right amount of flooring for their home with the goal of reducing repeat purchases?

“How could we guarantee customers would purchase the right amount of flooring from the start? This was our challenge.”


Working in an agile team, I prototyped and tested a flooring calculator that we would place on the checkout page of diy.com.

Sprint 1


Where all well thought out user journeys begin: in the sketch pad. We needed to help our customers choose what type of room space they had (square or irregular) then from thereput in their room dimensions, so we could calculate the right amount of flooring packs for them.

User Journeys: Exploring entry points in to the calculator
We were catering for a wide audience users, from digital natives to professionals, so we needed to make it as simple and accessible as possible.


The objective for the protoype was to understand if people understood the flow and if they really needed help on how to measure an odd shaped room.

Volume calculator prototype
Sprint 2


Participants need to have a completed a flooring project in the last 6 months. The sample set would be 5: a mix of male and female. Our hypothesis was would people need a guide to understand how to measure their floor area if it were an irregular shaped room? Would people divide up the floor into squares and measure each block as our guide stated or would they measure all around the edges?

The 'room' our participants had to measure

The overall trend we observed was split: some people needed helps ome didn’t in measuring the floor in the correct way. We also spoke to our in store colleagues who speak to customers all the time, they told us people also have angles in their rooms. We updated the guide to help with that part too.

The updated measuring guide


The calculator was initially A/B tested with and without the guide and continues to serve customers helping them buy the right amount of flooring for their homes.