Calculating the right amount of flooring for your home

Calculating the right
amount of flooring for
your home
Client: Kingfisher Digital  / Widget


Kingfisher own B&Q a chain of diy stores across the UK.  Their data analytics on the website showed there was a high repeat purchase of single laminate wood flooring packs. The assumption was people were miscalculating how much flooring they needed for their room. How could Kingfisher help people calculate the right amount of flooring for their home with the goal of reducing repeat purchases?


Kingfisher created a simple mini widget that sat below the 'buy' button to help people calculate the amount of flooring they needed. Customers simply input the dimensions of their room and the widget would calculate the right amount of packs, including a little extra for 'wastage' a common oversight with customers.

What I did

With a prototype already made my role was to develop it further into a shippable MVP.  I refined the core idea, offering a simpler user journey and validated our hypothesis through testing. I worked in tight collaborated with my design lead throughout.
Tasks & Responsibilites

• Showcasing To Leadership

• User Flows

• Prototyping

• Usability Testing


The volume calculator launched on in early 2018.