Ash Patel

A senior product/ux designer, a systems thinker, an aspiring woodworker.
I help organisations improve their digital experiences through a human centred and data driven approach.


I believe that great design starts by understanding the customer's world and translating that into a feasible, usable and desirable user experience.

Embracing uncertainty, following the data, and working lean are the principles I prioritise, in an ever-changing digital landscape where software is never truly 'done'.

My Skills

Through my 6 years working as a ux designer and previous to that in visual design, motion design & branding, I bring a depth of expertise to any design team.
Qualatitive Research
Quantative Research
Data Analytics
Facilitating Workshops
Journey Mapping
Stakeholder Management
Interaction Design
Information Architecture
Design Strategy

What People Say About Me

"Ash has really impressed with his capability across user research, testing, synthesis, visual and UI design as well as everything else you'd expect a good UX designer to do day-to-day."
Adam, Head Of Experience Design, TAL Australia
"Ash's depth of technical knowledge pertaining to user behaviour, expertise in designing with best practices, proficiency in facilitating workshops, and fervor for teaching and training are unparalleled."
Dustin, Customer Success Manager, Buildxact


Sometimes, the every day world inspires me to write something about user experience, sometimes it inspires a little side project. Here are some of those posts on Medium
Let's Talk. I'm available for contract or perm roles in Melbourne. Ask me for my resume.