Onboarding Optimisation

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Buildxact (SaaS)
3 months
Lead UX
PM, CS, Content Writer
How I Helped
Researching & measuring onboarding guides and providing recommendations
Increase in completion rate of guides


Buildxact is a SaaS construction-tech platform helping small residential builders manage their construction projects. It's core value is to help builders increase their time to quote with a promise of completing quotes "80% faster" than their current tools. The construction industry still remains one of the few industries to undergo full digital transformation. And many builders are digital averse, preferring traditional pen and paper.


Buildxact had just entered the north american market and we were facing significant churn.  A churn report from one of the customer success teams in NA pointed to a trend that the triallers signing up were time poor, they needed more time than the 14 days given to really know if they wanted to commit to subscribing. In addition, the trial onboarding process lacked engagement. 

Thus, we were confronted with the challenge to refine the onboarding experience and help trial users perceive the platform's value within the first day or week of use.

My Approach

The Project Manager (PM) and I collaboratively initiated a distinctive venture, expanding beyond the usual tactical feature work of the day-to-day agile team.

Our primary focus was to refine the existing in-app guides, emphasising and enhancing understanding of the core features to ensure users could maximise their engagement and productivity. We involved ourselves in weekly check-ins with the Customer Service (CS) teams based in both the United States and Australia.

Diagram showing research & design process

I regularly monitored and reported the engagement of the guides, thereby enabling the PM to provide crucial feedback to the business.

I kept a close watch on the performance metrics of the guides, gauging their effectiveness and making informed adjustments when necessary to optimise user onboarding and engagement.

Screenshot from the Buildxact App  of the 'Get Started' onboarding guide
Screenshot of analytics graph showing the number of users per step who have viewed the 'Show Me Around' guide


30% - 40% guide completion rate

Our efforts in optimising the onboarding process led to numerous observable impacts. Among these was an increase in the engagement levels of users with the in-app guides, indicating that more trial users were effectively understanding and utilising the platform's key features within their initial days of use.

We did record a stable 30-40% completion rate of the guides by trial users who had viewed them. This, coupled with the fact that the majority of our recommendations for further improvement were pursued by future business initiatives, suggests that our work had laid a substantial foundation for enhancing the trial user experience.

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