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The take off canvas area showing a measurement drawning
1 month
Lead UX
Project Manager, Dev, Visual Designer
How I Helped
Managed UX for microsite from inception to delivery
Launched on time and in budget


Over the course of a year, 20% of Australians over 45 years will be 
prescribed at least one opioid if they have acute or chronic pain. Alot of people become dependant and struggle for help. Return To Work South Australia (RTWSA) wanted to raise awareness of this issue.

Showpony was hired by (RTWSA)  to create a hard hitting campaign to raise awareness of opioid dependancy, with collaterol all pointing to a website.

Still of add showing man looking in to a medicine cabinet


I needed to develop the complete user experience for the website with a little over a month to launch (to align to the campaign go live).

Due to budget constraints there was not capacity to perform any usability testing on the site, so I needed to lean primarily on the SME's for the various audience's goals and clarity of the content.

My Approach

I was in a small knit team: project manager, full stack developer and me, the experience designer in charge of producing the responsive site.

Diagram showing my process

With small projects like these with a fixed deadline for delivery, gaining alignment is key to mitigate any rework. Therefore I focussed heavily on the first couple of weeks to keep the content low fidelity and have discussions with the SMEs and internal stakeholders so I could iterate quick. We needed to get clear on the core audience/s the site would cater for to direct the site architecture.

Boxes displaying core audiences site is catering for and other audiences
Photo of various sketches dor the home page

External Stakeholder Workshop

By the end of the third week we had a good idea of how the site should function. We conducted a stakeholder workshop in the Adelaide office printing out the wireframes, posting them on the wall and gathering feedback from our stakeholders.

Some screens were mocked up by the visual designer to make the wireframes less abstract to those unfamiliar with the concept.

Photo of stakeholder workshop

Final Designs

We came out of the workshop with some valuable feedback to begin iterating the important features of the site. For example we understood that for the medicine checker our health experts would need to search not just by brand but also by medicine type.

Final designs and styleguide were produced to hand over for implementation.

Pic of medicine checker
Picture of styleguide
Visual design of homepage


Showpony expressed how much they valued having a ux designer in their team, to show them an iterative and collaborative design approach, which was new to their ways of working. My contribution set them up for a successful product launch and a happy client.

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