Creating the Suncorp Income Protection Product (MVP)

The take off canvas area showing a measurement drawning
TAL Life
6 months
Lead UX
Agile Team (Devs, QA, BA), Design Lead, Engineering Lead
How I Helped
Managed stakeholder expectations and developed ux to align TAL insurance product to Suncorp
On time delivery of MVP


Following TAL's acquisition of Suncorp’s Income Protection and Life Insurance portfolio, TAL aimed to create a product that catered to customer needs and aligned with Suncorp’s branding and segmentation. The challenge: Deliver both the MVP and the future state experience in just 6 months.

Key Challenges

Insurance - Navigating An Unfamiliar Domain

Initially, I was unfamiliar with the insurance sector, especially the intricacies of quote funnels. I had to learn fast.

Aligning to Suncorp Design System

While Suncorp provided us with a design system and a motor insurance quote funnel to adhere to, our teams were uncertain about its integration compatibility with the backend systems that TAL employed to deliver the product.

Suncorp Design System
Aligning the TAL Insuranceline flow to Suncorp

Tackling Quote Complexity

The journey to qualify for an income protection quote demands users submit a wealth of information. The detailed nature of this process can deter many, leading to substantial drop-offs as they navigate deeper into the funnel.

Multiple Stakeholders

I  had to manage expectations and deliverables across multiple groups: my agile team, the new insurance product team, marketing teams, and our external partner, Suncorp. Given the insurance team's unfamiliarity with digital product delivery, they needed more than our standard agile offerings.

My Approach

Immersion: Quote Funnels

In the initial months, I partnered with my design lead to establish essential business relationships, ensuring a successful MVP delivery. I conducted a comprehensive analysis of the Insurance Line quote funnel, preparing us to update it for the new IP product designed for Suncorp.

Whiteboarding session with Design Lead: Exploring the digital insurance domain
Analysing the quote funnel for the Insurance Line product
Merging both TAL Insuranceline and Suncorp policies

Phased implementation

The initial deep immersion helped me segment the sections for phased rollout: 'Eligibility', 'Quick Quote', 'Underwriting', 'Review Application', and 'Confirm & Pay'.

Five phased approach for agile delivery

Collaborating with dev team

While the phased sections streamlined user steps, we faced frontend technical limitations. I consistently collaborated with the dev team to explore alternatives and strike a balance in displaying user progress.

Workshopping with the dev team

Showcasing to stakeholders

To accommodate our swift development pace, I educated internal teams unfamiliar with agile delivery on our approach using key screens. In weekly roundtable meetings, I highlighted team progress and upcoming deliveries.

Showcase slide examplefrom weekly checkin

Dev team hand off

For each delivery phase, I created wireframes on a secure URL, accessible to our dev team and Suncorp partners for feedback and approval.

Suncorp Wireframe Example

Design Reviews

I ensured our dev team implemented components in strict alignment with the Suncorp design system through regular quality checks in staging and by submitting update tickets.

Design reviews


The team made the delivery deadline and managed to produce brand alignment with Suncorp.

Example of one of the 'Eligibility' screens
Example of the Quote screen
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