Plan My Bathroom

Kingfisher Digitial
1 year
Mid UX
Agile Team, PO, Visual Designer, UX Researchers, Data Analyst, 3d modelling company, Design lead
How I Helped
Iterating and improving mvp, mobile web app & product customiser
25% increase in engagement


In 2016 Kingfisher PLC who own a number of diy stores across UK and Eurpose, began a 5 year transformation plan across all their operating divisions, including digital. The 'digital hub' was born to lead the vision of the home improvement platform 'HIP' to help customers across all touchpoints of their diy journey, from inspiration through to completion.

One part of the HIP was 'inspiration station' that included help for bathrooms.

Illustration of the 'Home Improvement Platform' ecosystem


Research showed bathroom home improvement projects are full of unknowns. Only 39% of people who start a project fail to complete them. They find it hard to adjust to the changing circumstances and deal with unexpected challenges that occur along the way.

My Approach

I worked in the 'Plan My Bathroom' team on a bathroom visualiser, to help customers bring their bathrooms to life and purchase their visualised products on, the e-commerce site.

During its mvp phase, PMB went through a few pivots to hone its value proposition. Through iterative lab testing we got to learn what was important for our users and what improvements needed to be made.

I owned some key improvements made on PMB: the mobile mvp, the room templates and the product customisation interface.

Screenshot od the 'Plan My Bathroom' web app showing the interface to add a bath

I began in the team when the product was soft launched to a small group of cohorts with only a handful of products users could build a bathroom with.

When I left the team to move to theteam we had released to mass market and launched in one of our operating centres in France with an improved  overall user experience driven by product lab testing and ethnographic research.

Screenshot of the Plan My Bathroom web app showing interface to add taps, with a sink already displayed in the room layout.


Mobile mvp increased engagement by 25%

Over 1 million bathrooms have already been designed by customers, with B&Q seeing a significant increase in conversion rates and average orders values. The mobile mvp alone increased engagement by 25%

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