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TAL Life
1 year
Lead UX
Design Lead, Agile Team
How I Helped
Managed UX for two new insurance products
On-Time MVP, UX Insight Reshapes TAL's Insurance Offer


TAL acquired Suncorp's Life Portfolio of insurance products in 2019.
They needed to create an income protection insurance product suited to both TAL's as well as Suncorp's customers.  The product  was yet to be defined, with a  hard launch in 6 months across all customer touchpoints.

Then there was the future need: to address the outcome of the customer research TAL had done on Suncorp's customers, that showed a 'bundled' insurance product would deliver more value, giving the customer more flexibility and ownership.

TAL needed to develop a new Income Protection product that would not only better meet the needs of Suncorp’s customers, but also align with their customer segmentation and brands.

My Approach

I role required I work on two concurrent tracks:

Track One: Current State

Whilst embeded in the agile team I managed the gap analysis & delivery artefact requirements for the first release of the Suncorp income protection product. I also needed to consult and manage multiple internal and external stakeholder feedback to ensure alignment was met.

Track Two: Future State

Informed through lab testing, I managed the existing definition of the life insurance product bundling to translate it to a digital journey.

Visual design of the quote page for Suncorp Income Protection


The mvp  launched on time and the outcome of the lab test helped pivot the direction of the life insurance product, benefitting Suncorp's and TAL's customers. For the first time TAL realised how valuable it was to have an embedded UX designer in their agile team, with a depth of experience in digital delivery.

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